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Camera Link extender over fiber-optic cable
Model Number: RCX C-Link


The RCX C-Link is a unique remote camera extender module that adapts Camera Link data over fiber-optic cable. The module supports base-, medium-, or full-mode cameras at long distances from the host computer, with the distance dependent upon the transceiver option selected.

Developed first by EDT, the compact module – similar in size to a Camera Link cable connector – attaches directly to the MDR 26-pin connector on the back of the camera, replacing Camera Link cables. An LC duplex fiber-optic cable then attaches to the back of the module.

The module supports data rates of up to 240 MB/s (base mode) or 750 MB/s (full mode) and provides electrical isolation of the camera from the host computer.

Module pairs can be used to create a long-range fiber-optic connection to an EDT or third-party Camera Link frame grabber. Alternatively, an EDT fiber-optic frame grabber (FOX) can be used, eliminating the need for modules at the computer end.

Line and frame triggering are supported over camera control lines.

  • Extends Camera Link data over fiber-optic cable
  • Allows remote operation well beyond 10 meters
  • Attaches to the camera’s MDR26 connector, replacing Camera Link cables
  • Provides electrical isolation of camera from host
  • Supports data rates up to 240 MB/s (base mode) or up to 750 MB/s (full mode)
  • Can join with a second module to form a fiber-optic extension cord
  • Can connect directly to an EDT FOX board
  • Supports line and frame triggering over camera control lines

The RCX C-Link is ideal for any long-range fiber-optic application.

The complete line of EDT Camera Link products includes frame grabbers, extenders, simulators, and systems.

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