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Ultra slim Fanless Embedded Computers
Model Number: ARK-1551

By: Advantech Corporation - Embedded IoT

ARK-1551, a compact high-performance fanless computer featuring an Intel® i5-8365UE/Celeron® 4305UE system-on-chip (SoC). ARK-1551 supports multiple I/O to facilitate easy integration in harsh limited-space environments. This embedded computer complies with global certifications (CE/FCC/UL/CB/BSMI/CCC), accepts 12~24V power (-10%/+20% input), and features a vibration/shock-resistant design capable of functioning in broad temperature ranges (-20 ~ 55 °C/-4 ~ 131 °F). When paired with Advantech’s edge AI VEGA modules, this fanless computer can function as an AI inference system that satisfies demands for versatile AI image recognition. Because of its compact size, excellent computing power, durability, and ability to function in harsh environments, ARK-1551 are ideal for applications in factory/machine automation control cabinets, industrial equipment computers, and semi-outdoor signage.

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