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INSPECT™ R1 Software Toolkit for Advanced Machine Vision Inspection
Model Number: INSPECT R1

By: Radiant Vision Systems

Exceeding the Inspection Capabilities of Both Human Vision and Machine Vision

Human visual perception provides tolerances for acceptable levels of quality in a device's cosmetic appearance, but human inspectors are increasingly costly and subject to fatigue and inconsistency. Traditional machine vision systems can automate inspection tasks, but fall short on imaging sensitivity, thus these systems may miss subtle or low-contrast defects that have a critical impact on overall device quality. The INSPECT R1 platform leverages Radiant imaging systems that replicate the acuity of human perception while offering the advantages of automation and repeatability.

Combined with Radiant Vision Systems ProMetric® high-resolution, low-noise imaging systems, INSPECT R1 software detects subtle, low-contrast defects on surfaces and devices. Manufacturers who need to meet expectations for high quality product appearance require precise and efficient visual inspection. With INSPECT R1 tools, images are analyzed to identify diverse features simultaneously, both predictable (e.g., logos and icons) and randomly occurring (e.g., surface defects) to ensure finish quality. Advanced logic within the INSPECT R1 platform allows users to apply specific defect tolerances for pass/fail determinations in production inspection.

INSPECT R1 is a set of tools that enable users to apply the power of scientific-grade imaging systems to address uniquely challenging visual inspection tasks using in-house resources and with full control of the resulting intellectual property (IP). The INSPECT R1 workflow engine supports rapid prototyping that readily transitions to production line applications, such as integration into custom fixtures and manufacturing systems for fully automated quality control.

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