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Calibration Target Micro V1 1000LP/mm
Model Number: 045-200200

By: Opto GmbH

Optical calibration and resolution testing are critical metrics in understanding and optimizing any optical system.  Calibration Target Micro V1 is unique in that it combines very useful resolution data, combined with ultra-high definition micro features, together enabling efficient and accurate optimization of any optical setup. 

* Ultra-high definition micro features, compatible to the most demanding optical calibration requirements ? * Four unique quadrants combining resolution targets to measurement scales ? * Supplied in a dedicated padded storage case ?

Calibration Target Micro V1 contains defined structures in different shapes and sizes for easy system calibration and distortion detection. 1. 10 lp/mm to 1000 lp/mm ? 2. Ø20 µm dot matrix 40x40 dots,100 µm grid ? 3. Contrast and Siemens structure ? 4. Ø10 µm dot matrix 40x40 dots, 50 µm grid ? 5. Scale with steps down to 10 µm 

Opto GmbH - www.opto.de/en/ - Item No. 045-200200 - info@opto.de

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