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Focus Drive OC coarse / fine
Model Number: 043-610022

By: Opto GmbH

Focus Drive OC, Coarse | Fine

For objectives with magnification up to 50x. One combined focus drive for coarse and fine alignment. Scale on knob with 100 sections.

Technical Features: Travel range: Coarse focus 80mm (+42/-38mm)

Travel per knob rotation: Fine focus 0.24mm (288° rotation) Fine focus mode is active after a direction change in coarse and stays active within 288°

Scale on knob: 100 sections - 1 section matches 2.9µm in fine focus For objectives up to 50x Dimensions: 50 x 99 x 125mm Weight approx. 1,2kg Load max. 15kg

Article number 043-610022

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