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truevue360 Artificial Intelligence Data Center Security Solution

By: Truevue360, Inc.

The security of a facility is a serious undertaking due to the specific purpose of that facility. For example, Data Centers require security to protect equipment and data while prison security protects its residents. Most secure facilities today are still manually monitoring video to recognize a threat.

truevue360 can automate the monitoring of video to recognize a facility specific threat that may adversely affect your security. Truevue360 can be configured to continuously evaluate the video stream of a camera to simultaneously detect multiple events, process each event in accordance with facility specific parameters and present an alarm to a system of your choice.

truevue360 can automate monitoring a facility by utilizing a matrix of information from a video stream, recognition readers (facial, iris and print), sensors and PLC/HMI controllers to detect events with multiple Deep Learning methods.

Contact truevue360 today to see how our Artificial Intelligence Data Center Security Solution can help your company.

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