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truevue360 Logistics Artificial Intelligence solution

By: Truevue360, Inc.

truevue360 Logistics Artificial Intelligence solution provide an automated process for tracking vehicles and shipments. As the vehicle passes through a gatehouse, truevue360 logistics AI solution automatically captures critical information such as license plate, trailer number, driver’s license and waybill using data gathered from sensors, cameras, scanners, and RFID tags to verify the vehicle and its contents. The vehicle, driver and cargo can now be easily tracked during its visit to the distribution center. Once verified on entrance, the vehicle can be processed, redeployed, and re-verified as it exits through the gatehouse.

truevue360 can automate the tracking of vehicles and their cargo while visiting a distribution center using Machine Learning and Deep Learning to understand what passes through an automated gatehouse. Contact truevue360 today to see how our Logistics AI solution can help your company.

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