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truevue360 Railroad Artificial Intelligence solution

By: Truevue360, Inc.

truevue360 Railroad Artificial Intelligence solution provides an efficient and accurate determination of an issue by automating the visual inspection of equipment.

truevue360 can automate the inspection and quality assurance process by using a camera to autonomously scan a vehicle for visual defects, missing components or irregular placement. In a matter of seconds, truevue360 can classify images and determine possible issues that will need additional maintenance.

truevue360 has over 10 years of technical experience using Computer Vision to automatically visualize possible equipment defects or misuse.

For example, truevue360 can visually monitor the undercarriage of a passing train to determine if a carriage hopper door is open or closed. In the video below, truevue360 will alarm in RED when a visual inspection finds an open hopper door.

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