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truevue360 “Artificial Intelligence as a Service” (AIaaS) solution

By: Truevue360, Inc.

truevue360 offers an “Artificial Intelligence as a Service” (AIaaS) solution that can be hosted in the cloud, on premise or on the edge. All that you need to provide are business requirements and a data stream. truevue360 will do the rest.

truevue360 will review your business needs to determine the best AI approach, develop a model that accurately produces your required results and train the model with your supplied data stream.

Once the model has been trained, truevue360 will work with you to deploy the model into your required environment.

truevue360 offers a yearly subscription-based solution that includes model retraining, technical updates and 24/7 support.

Contact truevue360 today to see how our AI solution can help your company.

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