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trackaware™ Intelligent Platform and Right-of-Way Monitoring Solution

By: Truevue360, Inc.

The Track Aware System (trackaware™) utilizes advanced, edge-based truevue360 Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and machine learning to monitor transit rail facilities and right-of-way to detect and characterize the presence of vehicles, people and objects on and around the tracks.

Cameras are placed in specific locations to visualize passengers standing in the “warning zone” or even on the tracks. As a train approaches, trackaware can automatically activate an audio requesting passengers to back up from the oncoming train or notify the approaching train engineer of a person physically standing on the tracks.

trackaware™ can also distinguish between an everyday passenger and a transit employee wearing a hard hat and uniform. Notifications can be activated dependent on the type of person recognized on the track, in a tunnel or on the platform.

System Features Intelligent Platform Monitoring Solution

• Monitor and alerts when track intrusion occurs o Audio Alert o SMS Alerts o Visual Alerts o Automated verbal audio warning • Remote reset of alarm • Covers multiple independent zones • Video analytics for reporting purpose

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