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5.3M resolution CoaXPress interfaced camera features Max. 85fps high speed (at CXP6·8bit/CXP6·10bit), long distance transmission, and utilizing CMOS image sensor.
Model Number: VCC-5CXP3M (Monochrome) / VCC-5CXP3R (Color)

By: CIS Corporation

Max. 85fps high speed (at CXP6·8bit/CXP6·10bit), 5.3M resolution, 29x29x55mm small footprint CoaXPress camera utilizing CMOS image sensor. The camera features versatile functions such as external trigger, long distance transmission, ROI, sub-sampling, defective pixels correction, sequence control, shading correction, PoCXP, etc. to make easier to see the region of the object you want to see, and contributing to higher inspection efficiency.

This model “VCC-5CXP3” can also be used for “Multi-camera System”, which enables to connect Max. 40pcs of cameras and synchronize them by only 1 PC. For example, when 5pcs of CoaXPress frame grabber board (8ch) is installed in 1 PC, Max. 40pcs of camera (at 1 lane) or any preferred combination of CoaXPress camera can be connected and synchronized according to the customer’s application.

[SPEC] VCC-5CXP3M (Monochrome) / VCC-5CXP3R (Color)

  • I/F: CXP1-CXP6×1lane
  • Sensor: PYTHON5000
  • Effective pixel number: 2592×2048
  • Frame rate: 85fps (CXP6·8bit/CXP6·10bit), 43fps (CXP3·8bit/CXP3·10bit)
  • Shutter speed: OFF~1/10,000s
  • Lens mount: C mount
  • Dimensions: 29×29×55mm
  • Features: Global shutter, Connector:BNC, External trigger, Long distance transmission, ROI, Sub-sampling, Defective pixels correction, Sequence control, Shading correction, PoCXP, NIR (Near-infrared) model is also avairable, etc.

For further information on VCC-5CXP3 or Multi-camera system, please contact our Sales division.

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