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Model Number: FSM-IMX477

By: FRAMOS Technologies Inc.

This FRAMOS Sensor module uses the Sony Starvis IMX477 sensors on a very compact, 26.5mm x 26.5mm, module. The sensor boasts a 12.3MP image with a rolling shutter and a 1.55µm pixe size. The module has 2 and 4 lane MIPI CIS-2 interface with I2C (CCI) for command and control. As part of the new FRAMOS Ecosystem, it leverages the FSA-FT1 and FSA-FT2 sensor module adaptors to mate with FRAMOS' standard interconnect connector allowing it to mate with other FRAMOS FPA based adaptor boards. Supported by the FRAMOS SDK that includes drivers for the NVDIA Jetson TX2 and Qualcomm Dragonboard 410C processors. Everything needed to get an image out of this module can be purchased off the shelf allowing it to be evaluated once received and put together.

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