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SXGA resolution, CoaXPress interfaced small footprint camera utilizing CMOS image sensor.

By: CIS Corporation

The enclosure of VCC-SXCXP3 is 29mm cubic footprint, and its compact size is suitable for embedded applications such as robot vision, drone installation, and machine vision. Also, it can transfer images at 168fps at CXP-3 output with global trigger shutter operation, so that it can capture objects on the production line such as PCB, foods, medicines and small parts clearly. Furthermore, the functions such as external trigger, ROI, sub-sampling, defective pixel correction, sequence control, shading correction, etc. are installed to make easier to see the region of the object you want to see, and contributing to higher inspection efficiency. NIR (Near-infrared) model “VCC-SXCXP3NIR” is also available. With this model, images can be captured even if the target is at out of visual light range that cannot be inspected with human eyes or normal camera (ex. a candy in the opaque package).

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VCC-SXCXP3M (Monochrome) / VCC-SXCXP3R (Color) / VCC-SXCXP3NIR (Near-infrared model) Interface: CoaXPress Sensor: 1/2type CMOS / PYTHON 1300 Unit cell size: 4.8 x 4.8 µm Effective Pixels: 1280(H) x 1024(V) Resolution: SXGA Frame Rate: 84fps (CXP-1), 168fps (CXP-2, CXP-3) Shutter Speed: OFF~1/10,000s Pixel Clock: 72MHz Lens Mount: C mount Dimensions: W29 x H29x D29 mm

Usage of this product PCB inspection, PTP inspection, FPD inspection, parts inspection, medical inspection, appearance inspection, measurement, AOI, robot vision, drone, etc.

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