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TT-AutomotiveDisplay™ Automotive Display Test Module
Model Number: TT-AutomotiveDisplay

By: Radiant Vision Systems

Automotive displays face particular demands for performance through variable lighting conditions, temperatures, vibrations, viewing angles, and other factors. Ensuring visual quality of displays of various shapes and sizes, with anti-glare or anti-reflective coatings, integrated into different fixtures and at fixed positions relative to passengers and drivers, is a key challenge for manufacturers in the increasingly display-focused automotive market.

Part of the Radiant Vision Systems TrueTest™ Software family, the TT-AutomotiveDisplay module provides all of the benefits of TrueTest Software to efficiently perform light, color, and mura measurements with specific tests to evaluate the quality of displays integrated within the vehicle. A comprehensive automotive display test solution from Radiant combines the TT-AutomotiveDisplay application-specific software module and a ProMetric® Imaging Colorimeter or Photometer to perform rapid, automated visual inspection of displays from consoles to panels to center stacks.

TT-AutomotiveDisplay relies on a ProMetric imager to test all display characteristics simultaneously, capturing and processing data much faster and more consistently than a human inspector or a spot measurement device.

TT-AutomotiveDisplay includes tests for display quality and defect detection, including:

  • ANSI Brightness
  • ANSI Color Uniformity
  • Black Mura Defocus
  • Black Mura FreeForm
  • Black Mura Gradient
  • Black Mura Gradient PWM
  • Checkerboard Contrast
  • Color Edge Mura
  • Color Mura
  • Compare POI
  • DFF Image Sticking Analysis
  • Image Export
  • Line Defects
  • MTF Line Pair
  • Particle Defects
  • Particle Defects Cluster
  • Pixel Defects
  • Points of Interest
  • Sequential Contrast
  • Sparkle
  • Uniformity

Optional tests available with TrueMURA™ License Code:

Blob Analysis, Edge Mura, LED Mura

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