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3D Machine Vision System - Random Bin Picking
Model Number: RV300, RV500, RV1100, RV1100+Option

By: Canon USA - 3D Machine Vision

Canon’s 3D Machine Vision System is specifically designed to work as the “eyes” of robotic system to perform Random Bin Picking for industrial production applications such as car manufacturing, automobile parts manufacturing, and electronics and plastics manufacturing. Out of parts randomly piled in a bin, the “eyes” of robot accurately recognizes the part, analyzes the best pick, and calculates the optimal path by guiding a robot to its destination without interfering anything around it, such as bin wall and adjacent parts.

The system installation is easy and the setup is simple with user-friendly guided software. The return of benefits for using the system include one-time measurements of 3D pose, high-speed recognition, improved productivity, and reduced production costs. It is a total solution for random bin picking on any production floor.

The 3D Machine Vision System has been also deployed at mass production line and proven for its high performance and reliability.

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