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TT-NIRI™ Near-Infrared Light Source Test Module
Model Number: TT-NIRI

By: Radiant Vision Systems

Application-specific software module for evaluating near-infrared lasers and LEDs.

Near-infrared (near-IR or NIR) emissions of light are used by devices to sense three-dimensional objects outside of the human visible spectrum, eliminating visible light interference and human visual distraction. However, because NIR emissions are invisible, test equipment must be used to ensure adequate intensity and distribution of NIR light for object detection, as well as safe levels of radiant intensity for human exposure.

Part of the Radiant Vision Systems TrueTest™ Software family, the TT-NIRI module provides the benefits of TrueTest Software to efficiently perform image-based measurements, but with application-specific tests to evaluate the accuracy of 850 or 940 nm NIR LEDs, lasers, and structured light patterns used for:

  • Facial and gesture recognition
  • Eye tracking and iris detection
  • Automotive LiDAR for autonomous vehicle sensing
  • Multimodal sensing for gesture and motion control
  • Other non-visible 3D sensing applications

A comprehensive NIR test solution from Radiant combines the TT-NIRI application-specific software module with the Radiant NIR Intensity Lens solution to perform rapid, automated visual inspection of NIR emitters. Utilizing the Fourier optics of the NIR Intensity Lens solution, TT-NIRI evaluates all angular emissions of a source in a single image, as well as all dots in a structured light pattern created by diffractive optical elements (or DOE).

A Radiant NIR test solution captures and processes data much faster and more consistently than a goniometric or spot measurement device. DOE dot source analytics captured by the NIR Intensity Lens and TT-NIRI software offer comprehensive radiometric data, which cannot be acquired using alternative methods such as casting a dot pattern against a wall or other Lambertian surface.

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