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By: IDS Imaging Development Systems, Inc.

Next generation industry builds on interconnected intelligent devices. IDS NXT is a vision app-based camera platform which allows a wide variety of tasks – and even artificial intelligence. The models IDS NXT rio and rome show what an easy-to-use solution for industrial purposes can look like. Engineering samples are available starting from May. Customers can choose between different protection classes (IDS NXT rome comes with IP65/67), sensors and variants with Smart GenICam or artificial intelligence. For further information, please contact the IDS sales team.

With the help of a specially developed AI vision app, IDS NXT rio and rome can be turned into universal, high-performance inference cameras with an integrated ANN (artificial neural network) accelerator. Equipped with this AI-based embedded system, users can load pre-trained ANNs of different architectures onto the cameras and use them for tasks such as object recognition or classification. On the same time, the devices remain fully functional GenICam-compliant industrial cameras that can transmit image data at full Gigabit Ethernet speed.

"Smart GenICam" means that configuration, control and results of vision apps can be made available to any GenICam-compliant third-party application via the camera's XML description files – even if these camera functions are programmed by the customer himself. The results are programmable cameras, which can be easily integrated into industrial application scenarios.

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