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SURFACE MASTER - Inline inspection of metal during rolling process


The SURFACE MASTER identifies and classifies surface defects accurately on all metal surfaces and at all production speeds - and even detects low-contrast defects on predefined coil segments.

Leading-edge sensor technology guarantees correct quality classification so that users can make validated decisions about further material processing. Every order can receive the right quality according to its classification.

Information is generated in real time and displayed in the LiveView screen. Alongside standard defects, the system also detects low-contrast periodic defects (roll mark detection) and delivers immediate information about optimization options at every stage of the process.

In addition, the ISRA InstantClassifierTM includes over 80% of all typical defect classes with its standard installation.

A SURFACE MASTER system typically has an ROI period of just a few weeks.

Product Details: • Leading surface inspection system for all standard applications in the metal industry • Dual sensor detects both contrast-based and topographic defect types • Quick installation due to automatic detection optimization • Prevents strip breaks

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