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SLAB MASTER - 3D Inline Surface Inspection on the slab


3D surface inspection distinguishes defects from the structured surface of the slab; something that was not possible with previous surface inspection methods.

The slab is highly structured and has a temperature of around 1,000°C. Nevertheless, the SLAB MASTER can detect defects that would be invisible to contrast-based 2D inspection technology.

Based on laser triangulation, the 3D inspection system detects and classifies all relevant defects, such as cracks or inclusions. It also measures their depth on the top, bottom, and sides of the slab. Automatic surface inspection begins from the first production step, ensuring that only flawless material is transferred to downstream processes.

The ISRA InstantClassifier includes over 80% of all typical defect classes with its standard installation.

In addition to identifying surface defects, the inspection system calculates the size (volume and weight) of the slab.

A SLAB MASTER system typically has an ROI period of just a few weeks.

Product Details: • Combined 2D/3D inspection and measurement of hot and cold slabs • Excellent tool support for fast installation • Modular sensor concept (scalable and precalibrated)

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