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Cylinderinspector Quicktest
Model Number: 043-102117 and 043-102118

By: Opto GmbH

Cylinderinspector Quicktest 2D surface metrology •Destruction-free sample analysis •High-end optics for optimal image of cylinder surfaces •Integrated optical zoom, to realize variable magnification levels •360° round view with variable immersion depth •Adaptation to different cylinder diameters •Optimum lighting for different surfaces and structures •Available with camera or eyepiece depending on model

Your Benefit: •Automatic measurement of the hollow angle •Manual analysis of crystal distribution / Destruction rate of the crystals •Implementation of a standardized inspection process between the supplier and the customer •Customer-specific measurement parameters and reports

Optional 2D CylinderInspector software suite

The CylinderInspector is a high definition device designed for the analysis of honed cylinder surfaces. It provides non-contact measurement and microscopic inspection of surfaces in aluminum and cast iron.

For fifteen years, CylinderInspector has been the ideal instrument in the world’s leading engine manufacturers, as it enables detailed analysis of metallurgical composition, surface texture, crystal distribution, etc.

It offers a full 360-degree rotation view with variable insertion adjustment. Users can inspect the surface at different magnifications with the use of the remote focus system and optical zoom. Control functions and mechanical positioning enables the ability to inspect cylinder walls at deep depths.

The interface is totally programmable and customizable. The device is capable of managing the most challenging textural features thanks to its dedicated darkfield function.

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