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Lt29059H Camera

By: Teledyne Lumenera

The Lumenera Lt29059H is a 29 megapixel, USB 3.1 Gen 1 camera that is built for rugged 24/7 use. With its 35 mm format KAI-29052 CCD sensor, fully global electronic shutter, the Lt29059H captures high resolution images with zero blur. The KAI-29052 sensor provides increased NIR sensitivity, increased sensitivity in 620nm and 540nm wavelength, high smear rejection (-100 dB), and up to 64 dB linear dynamic range. The Lt29059H is ideally suited for challenging imaging applications such as intelligent traffic systems, high-resolution industrial inspection, and aerial imaging.

Product Highlights:

  • Canon EF lens mount with fully integrated controller for auto focus/iris supported by Lumenera's API, increases accuracy and flexibility for remote applications
  • High quality ON Semiconductor Truesense KAI-29052 CCD sensor provides excellent dynamic range and color reproduction
  • Locking industrial USB 3.1 Gen 1 interface
  • Compact form factor for easy integration, without losing the image quality typical in larger sized cameras
  • Fanless body, small footprint and lower power requirements
  • Locking GPIO connector supporting 1 output, 1 input optically isolated and 2 software configurable I/O ports and power, allowing external control of peripherals and synchronization of lighting
  • 256 MB RAM frame buffer
  • Binning improves sensitivity and Region of Interest (ROI) provides higher frame rates

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