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Model Number: SHR411MCX (Mono)

By: Vision Systems Technology, LLC

The SHR411 features low-noise, high dynamic range with super resolution of 151 megapixel. Using the Sony 3rd Generation Pregius IMX-411 CMOS sensor that will be released from Sony for production Q2 2019. State-of-the-art sensor tap balancing and user defined fixed pattern noise reduction guarantees an outstanding image. The highest structural precision of the sensor adjustment in a massive housing make the SHR with its lens shading correction the ideal partner for the most demanding optical applications.

With the announcement of the SHR411, SVS-Vistek presents a high-quality CMOS area scan camera, which provides users an outstanding resolution of 151 megapixels. The new member of the SHR series is equipped with Sony’s Pregius IMX-411 sensor and a CoaXPress interface.

The integrated IMX-411 sensor from Sony with 14,192 x 10,656 pixels at a size of 3.76 x 3.76 µm per pixel guarantees an extremely high resolution of 151 megapixels and an exceptional picture quality. The image transfer is managed by a four-channel CoaXPress interface with data transfer rates of up to 6.25 GB/s per channel, enabling a frame rate of 6.5 images/s.

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