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FX Series

By: Specim, Spectral Imaging Ltd.


Specim FX Series hyperspectral cameras enable the machine vision industry to enhance its online quality control process by providing more accurate information. This saves both money and time and reduces the amount of unrecyclable waste.

RELIABLE CLASSIFICATION RESULTS The line imaging push-broom is the only suitable technology for getting reliable classification results in all industrial on-line applications. Due to their noncomparable spectral purity in each spatial pixel, the Specim FX Series cameras give perfectly co-registered results so that all spectral bands are measured simultaneously and from the same exact place.

PLUG’N’PLAY Specim FX Series cameras are the first commercial hyperspectral imaging instruments with factory loaded unified wavelength calibration that produces unit-to-unit compatible data output. This allows for easy installation and replacement without a need for recalibration. The image corrections are made in real-time and the output is always ideal for post-processing algorithm.

LESS LIGHT NEEDED Specim FX Series cameras with high throughput optics set a new standard for light gathering ability. Illumination is needed only for a single narrow line, whereas other technologies (tunable filters or linear variable filters) need to illuminate a much larger area with homogenous brightness and require tens of times more light to achieve the same S/N-ratio.

FAST & FLEXIBLE With the help of multiple regions of interest (MROI) readout, the Specim FX Series is able to adapt for many different application needs and at the same time achieve higher frame rates than ever before.

Industry demands high speed, robust and dependable instruments with a sensible return of investment. They shall also be easy to configure, maintain and service. Specim FX Series is the answer to those needs.

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