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PRO4500 - Wintech Production Ready Optical Engine
Model Number: PRO4500

By: Wintech Digital System Technology Corp.

System Highlights - Modular all in one DLP®-based production ready industrial projector - Attractive pricing at any volume - All glass 0% offset optics, optimized for 381-650nm - WXGA (912x1140) diamond pixel DMD - Compatible with s241 and s310 DMDs - Various Luminus LED (CBT-39, PT-39, and PT-40) and Osram LED (RGB) compatibility - Less than 3 month turn around on modifications - Low NRE for modifications to base PRO4500 - Accepts numerous field swappable projection lenses - Compatible with Wintech PandaBoard (NSP4500)

Wintech’s Production Ready Optical Engine (PRO4500) is a high brightness modular DLP®-based projector designed for industrial applications. The PRO4500 is based on Texas Instrument’s DLP® LightCrafter 4500 that utilizes the 0.45” WXGA DMD and is compatible with both the s241 (150 lumens) and s310 (500 lumens) DMDs. With a form factor of only 210x84x54mm, the PRO4500 is ideal for confined spaces that are typically required for 3D Measurement, 3D Printing and certain display applications.

The PRO4500’s modular architecture allows for quick, low cost modifications to the base PRO4500 Engine that minimize both expense and time to get to series production. The PRO4500 will accept various Luminus Devices LEDs including the CBT-39, PT-39, PT-40, and also Osram RGB LEDs. An all glass optical architecture was chosen and optical coatings are optimized for 381-650nm. Optics are 0% offset. Wintech extended the length of the projection lens barrel for easy field swapping of numerous lenses that are available or that can be custom designed. Thermal management is provided by heat sinking and a fan, however liquid cooling adaptations are available.

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