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PAINTSCAN - Reliable Inline Inspection of Painted Components


Quality assurance through reliable inline inspection of paint defects: The PaintScan surface inspection system reliably inspects painted components for all relevant paint defects and classifies them, all on a moving line.

Using a special camera/lighting combination, the system detects a wide range of surface defects such as dents, scratches, and inclusions. Multiple scans of the surface enable multiple defect images to be laid over one another, increasing robustness and reducing the number of pseudo defects (false positives) to an absolute minimum.

Following successful detection, PaintScan classifies all quality-related paint defects using tried-and-tested algorithms, preventing defective products from entering downstream processes. PaintScan is also suitable for retrofitting in existing lines.

Product Details: • Fully automatic 100% optical inspection of paint surfaces • Vibration-resistant inspection technology for cost-efficient installations • Improved process optimization due to 100% classification performance • Process-adaptive – supports both in-line and batch processes • High-speed defect detection and classification • State-of-the-art hybrid technology for detection of all relevant paint defects • Integrated ready-to-use robot automation package • Fully automatic robot path planning • Fully automatic defect marking unit available as an option • Defect detection rates well above 95%

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