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SpecGAGE3D-transmission - Precise inspection of transparent surfaces.


High definition for detecting the slightest defects on transparent surfaces: SpecGAGE3D-transmission inspects transparent surfaces such as glass or plastic for slightest defects, such as scratches, inclusions, and stains.

The system reliably detects and classifies both aesthetic defects that can affect the appearance of the product and functional material damage, such as on touch displays. The parts are then classified for reworking or rejected from the process, depending on the size and severity of the defect. Quality assurance systems serve to ensure that only the desired parts are delivered, virtually eliminating complaints.

Depending on the kind of component and defect types, it is possible to measure either individual components in very high definition or multiple components simultaneously. That later allows for reducing measuring times to a minimum and thus offers reliable, 100% monitoring, even with very short cycle times.

Product Details: • High resolution regardless of component shape • Fast data acquisition • Defect detection on flat and curved areas • Lateral resolution up to 10 µm • Full or semi-automatic operation • Can be integrated into production lines

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