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X-GAGE3D - multi-stereo 3D scanner


X-GAGE3D - Next-generation multi-stereo 3D scanner

The compact X-GAGE3D is the all-in-one sensor for fast and precise 3D measurement and digitalization of components. It is suitable for both stationary and robot-guided applications.

The X-GAGE3D - equipped with high-resolution cameras, high-precision optical systems, and embedded technology - is the ideal solution for 100% component monitoring, even in the demanding applications, such as for glossy objects.

Defective parts can be reliably and objectively identified for removal through either a fast CAD comparison or comprehensive analysis. In order to digitalize larger objects, multiple scans can also be combined to form a complete, watertight CAD model.

As part of ISRA’s Touch & Automate technology concept, the system is quick and easy to deploy without any expert knowledge.

Product Details: • Next-generation scanner with multi-stereo technology • Ultra-fast 3D scanning – over 10 Hz • High precision down to micrometer range • Suitable for any gauging task – in-line, at-line or off-line • Robust construction for robot mounting and production environments • Fully automatic meshing and merging of scans for watertight 3D model • 5 / 12 MP resolution • Accuracy up to 50µm • FOV up to 600mm diagonal

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