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TT-ARVR™ Software Module for AR/VR Display Testing
Model Number: TT-ARVR

By: Radiant Vision Systems

Displays viewed near to the eye create immersive virtual experiences, such as those integrated into AR/VR devices. However, as display images are magnified to fill a user’s field of view (FOV), display defects are also magnified. Issues with uniformity of brightness and color, dead pixels, line defects, cloudiness, and image position become more evident to the user whose eyes are merely centimeters away from display screens.

Part of the Radiant Vision Systems TrueTest™ Software family, the TT-ARVR™ module provides all of the benefits of TrueTest Software to efficiently perform light, color, and dimensional measurements with specific tests to evaluate the quality of displays integrated into AR, VR, and MR (mixed reality) devices and headsets. A comprehensive AR/VR display test solution from Radiant combines the TT-ARVR application-specific software module, a ProMetric® Imaging Colorimeter or Photometer, and the Radiant AR/VR lens to perform rapid, automated visual inspection of AR/VR displays.

TT-ARVR uses a ProMetric imager to test all display characteristics simultaneously, capturing and processing data much faster and more consistently than a human inspector or a spot measurement device.

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