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Embedded Imaging Processor Board
Model Number: MitySOM-A10S-DSC

By: Critical Link LLC

The MitySOM-A10S with Dual Side Connectors (MitySOM-A10S-DSC) is an Intel/Altera Arria 10 SoC board-level solution for machine vision and scientific imaging applications, and other stack-through configurations. In addition to the A10 processor, the module includes on-board power supplies, two DDR4 RAM memory subsystems, micro SD card, a USB 2.0 on the go (OTG) port, and a temperature sensor. The MitySOM-A10S-DSC provides a complete and flexible CPU infrastructure for highly integrated embedded systems.

The MitySOM-A10S-DSC is available with a 270KLE Arria 10 SX which provides dual-core Cortex-A9 32-bit RISC processors with dual NEON SIMD coprocessors. Options up to 480KLE devices are available. This MPU can run a rich set of real-time operating systems containing software APIs expected by modern system designers. The ARM architecture supports several operating systems, including Linux.


  • Embedded Imaging
  • Machine Vision
  • Medical Imaging
  • Test and Measurement
  • Industrial Automation and Control
  • Industrial Instrumentation
  • Medical Instrumentation
  • Closed Loop Motor Control

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