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CMOS Image Sensor
Model Number: Emerald 67M

By: Teledyne E2v

Emerald 67M provides customers with ultra-low noise performance and only 2.8e- of readout noise. The sensor is highly sensitive with 70% QE, enabling precise defect and particle identification. It’s also ultra high speed, which significantly enhances production line throughput.

Designed to enable easy and cost-effective integration for camera makers, the new sensor is compatible with 59 x 59mm² camera platforms and has optical and package centres that are fully aligned for easy integration. It has an APS-C optical format (unusual for such a high resolution sensor), up to72 sub LVDS outputs and 8/10/12 bit conversion modes, all within a reliable ceramic µPGA package.

Emerald 67M includes a range of application based features including:

  • ROI (overlap and independent configurations allowed)
  • High Dynamic Range modes
  • Horizontal sub sampling
  • Look-up table
  • Binning modes
  • Pixel defect correction

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