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Model Number: SHR47051MCL / SHR47051CCL

By: Vision Systems Technology, LLC

The SVS-VISTEK SHR-47051 is an advanced industrial camera that is small and lightweight. The new 47 megapixel imaging sensor (KAI-47051) is the world's highest resolution interline with global electronic shuttered CCD supporting color or monochrome. The SHR47051 Vision Camera has a Cameralink medium-base digital interface which operates up to 7 FPS. The main advantage of the Interline CCD's can be found in the uniformity pixel to pixel, the 8/10/12 bit pixel depth, the sensitivity and extremely fast intra-frame times.

The SHR47051 has advance IO capability with RS-232 interface & 24VDC for applications requiring lens control. Control of LED lighting and sequencing of LEDs is available with the advance IO capabilities. SVS-Vistek is well known for their camera designs that function as a high-quality precision instrument.

Main Features: Progressive Scan IT CCD Monochrome Image Sensor (On Semi KAI-47051) 16 Taps CCD Output for fast framing rates High Dynamic Range up to 68 ? CameraLink Medium (7 fps) & Base (3.5 fps) Interface Field Upgradable Firmware Excellent Anti-blooming Flat Field Correction

Vision Systems Technology is a North American authorized distributor of SVS-Vistek digital cameras.

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