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SVS-VISTEK 120 Megapixel Super Resolution 6.7 FPS 10-BIT CMOS CAMERALINK HR CAMERA (120 MP)
Model Number: HR-120MCL

By: Vision Systems Technology, LLC

Vision Systems Technology is a North American authorized Distributor for SVS-Vistek Cameras. The SVS-VISTEK HR-120MCL is an advanced industrial camera that is small and lightweight. The new 120 megapixel imaging sensor (Canon 120MXSC) is the highest resolution monolithic CMOS sensor with a rolling electronic shutter supporting color or monochrome. The HR-120MCL Vision Camera has a Cameralink Full or Deca (80-bit) digital interface which operates up to 6.7 FPS. The main advantage of the 120MP camera is the very high MTF that has an image circle of 35 mm.

The SVS-VISTEK HR-120MCL has advance IO capability with RS-232 interface & 24VDC for applications requiring lens control. Control of LED lighting and sequencing of LEDs is available with the advance IO capabilities. SVS-Vistek is well known for their camera designs that function as a high-quality precision instrument. SVS-Vistek is designed and manufactured in Germany.

120MP, 2.2 micron pixel Rolling Shutter User defined defect pixel correction ROI, LUT, binning, gamma, offset, binning Integrated multi channel LED strobe controller Industrial TTL-24V I/O interface with SafeTrigger, programmable logic functions, sequencers and timers, RS232 Power over Camera Link (PoCL)

Vision Systems Technology is a North American authorized distributor of SVS-Vistek digital cameras.

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