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Dark Field Collimated Illumination
Model Number: DFC-2

By: Nacacue Corporation

This illumination is suitable for detecting the microscopically small scratches, foreign substances, soils and so on by visual inspection.
It is very easy to find the above abnormalities on the surface of transparent substrate and mirror(ex. glass, lens, filter, film).
The abnormalities on the curved surface can be detected easier by transmitted light.
On the other hand, in the case of inspecting flat surface, reflected light is good for detection.


  • Light control : Approximated collimated light
  • Available at any working distance
  • Large radiation field (140 mm square)
  • Suitable for large samples
  • Colores : Red, Green, Blue, White (Changeable)

Other applications
This technology can be adopted for the surface backlight application.
Any single color ray can be provided.

*specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
We accept design and production offering.

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