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By: Canon USA, Inc.

The Canon 3U5MGXS CMOS sensor uses a light gathering structure within the photodiode which increases its capability to convert photons from wider incident light angles. The result is a CMOS image sensor with higher sensitivity, capable of capturing high quality images even in challenging low-light situations. The 3U5MGXS global shutter image sensor employs a new pixel design introducing new drive readout and gathering structures significantly reducing noise, and contributing to a wide dynamic range with a power consumption of 500mW. Equipped with a global shutter and all pixel progressive reading at 120fps, the 2/3” sensor size, and pixel size of 3.4µm with 5.33 million effective pixels (2592 x 2056) easily allow for applications in machine vision and other industrial environments where smaller size and high performance are required. It is available in RGB, Monochrome, and a specialized RGB-NIR color filter.

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