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Focusing unit, Focus Drive C, coarse
Model Number: Article Number 043-610004

By: Opto GmbH

Focus Drive C, coarse, is one of Opto's comfortable and at the same time cost-efficient microscope accessories. Focus Drive C is engineered with a focus blocks that enable the unit to be positioned uprightly through the use of a hand wheel. The bilateral drive knobs enable the unit to operate more efficiently and economically. The unique combination of a nice design and good price with a lot of additional accessories makes it a perfect alternative versus low cost equipment or high-end units from the leading suppliers. Reduced to your needs we deliver here German quality to Asian prices.

Focus Drive C, coarse, is adaptable to Opto's Track Stand and with an additional clamp also adaptable to Opto's 32mm diameter Post Stand as well as other Stereo- and TV Microscopes.

Technical data: Focus Drive C: coarse Travel range: 57mm Travel per knob rotation: 21mm Load: max. 10kg

Article Number 043-610004

Accessories for attachement to stands and walls: Adapter plate to wall and Track Stand (043-610904-001) Clamp to 32mm diameter column and Post Stand (043-610904-320-068)

Accessories for the carrying microscope: LED-right light inkl. clamp with 76mm diameter (050-502076126W12) Microscope carrier with 76mm diameter (043-610920) Clamp mini with 35mm diameter for TV-microscopes (043-610914)

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