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Dual Station - Stereo and Invers Microscope with Leica M80
Model Number: Transmitted e-mirror light base with Leica M80

By: Opto GmbH

Two high resolution magnification ranges in one scope

- Reinventing microscopy with a unique easy to use ergonomic user experience. - Ultra-high contrast macro and micro imaging from the same instrument eliminates the need for 2 separate microscopes! - Designed for ‘in chamber’ biomed and cell analysis applications such as IVF and other cell engineering applications – no more transferring samples between workstations! - Fully compatible and retro-fittable to most leading stereo microscopes, and RFID antenna products

The stereo base contains an integrated LED illumination with Opto 'e-mirror' technology to flexibly adjust the brightness and contrast.

The 200x integrated inverse microscope features precision focus and an adjustable LED illumination with embedded phase contrast for perfect high contrast structural imaging

Technical Data:

Stereo Clamp diameter 76mm Stereobase with Glass-plate to use also RFID Antenna systems Integrated USB 3.0 5 MP Camera with Power supply and cable for PC PC-specification: at least WIN 7 and up with USB-3.0 Port

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