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Bi-Telecentric Quadra Mount Objective - for Measuring Tasks
Model Number: Bi-Telecentric Camera Objective

By: Opto GmbH

The bi-telentric lens manufactured by Opto feature a quadra mount. It has a 4-sided profile that ensures easy installation.

The device provides precise alignment and reliable attachment of the optical components. Along with the stability of the optical components, the mechanical design of the system guarantees that the optical axis is perpendicular to the measurement plane.

There is a wide variety of bi-telentric lenses made by Opto. All versions have a type C mounting, and a telecentricity of 0.08°. Other specifications such as magnification, depth of focus, and tube length vary among different models.

Documentation: http://www.opto.de/media/100-btc-quadramount.pdf

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