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High Resolution Bi-Telecentric Profile Measurement
Model Number: Telecentric Bench

By: Opto GmbH

For High Resolution Bi-Telecentric Profile Measurement

Opto's Telecentric Bench S creates high-performance thread images without any optical artifacts in contrast to a common telecentric measurement setup.

Technical Features: Article number 048-BTC-BCH-SW

Magnification 0.2x Optimized for C-mount cameras 1/1.8' FoV with 1/1.8' chip 35 x 27mm FoV with 2/3' chip 42,5 x 32 mm (vignetting possible) Resolution (MTF @ 70 LP/mm) 45% Aperture F8 Depth of field +/- 8mm Telecentric error 0.08°

Telecentric light white Brightness control with variable density filter Input voltage 24V DC Forward current 700mA Connector 12, 4-pole On/Off time 300ms Maximum trigger Frequency 300 Hz

Configuration - Integrated 0,2x Bi-Telecentric Objective lens - Telecentric illuminator (white) - Manufactured from standard aluminum profile - enabling simple integration - Complete unit can be vertically or horizontally oriented - Column length: 550mm - Target Holder carriage for horizontal and vertical position - Pre-adjusted for precise measurements - Every unit fully tested

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