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USB3 Vision Device Package
Model Number: FPGA IP, Device FW Library, and Protocol Stack


The USB3 Vision Device Package provides FPGA IP core interfacing with Cypress FX3, USB3 Vision Device FW Library, and USB3.0 Protocol Stack to transfer image data complying with USB3 Vision standard. The IP transmits image data from the image sensor to the host computer in real time. High-speed transmission is possible because of USB 3.0 adoption for the communication interface. In addition, any commercially available GenICam compatible applications can control the IP because of its GenICam compliance. Perfect for high-resolution, high-reliability machine vision cameras, medical imaging systems, and other applications that demand maximized USB 3.0 performance. - Compliant with USB3 Vision Standard Version 1.01 - Compliant with EMVA GenICam Standard Version 3.0.1 (FYI: “BetelmaGiCs GenICam Software for Windows” complying with the GenICam standard is also available from Macnica.) - Image data (RAW, YUV, RGB, etc.) and chunk data transfer URL:https://www.m-pression.com/node/55

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