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GigE Vision Device Package
Model Number: FPGA IP core and Device FW Library


The GigE Vision Device Package provides GigE Vision FPGA IP core and Device FW Library to transfer image data complying with GigE Vision standard. The IP transmits image data from the image sensor to Gigabit Ethernet in real time. Users can build highly reliable products making use of its high-speed transfer capability and high-precision time synchronization. Perfect for high-resolution, high-reliable machine vision cameras, medical imaging systems, and other applications that demand maximized Gigabit Ethernet performance. - Compliant with GigE Vision Standard Version 1.2/Version 2.0 - Supports Time Synchronization compliant with IEEE1588-2008 - Compliant with EMVA GenICam Standard Version 2.0(GenICam middleware for Windows OS is also available from Macnica.) - Supports Packet Re-transmission - Other functions - Chunk data transfer, GigE Vision action commands, Time stamp, Packet delay - Image data (RGB, YUV, etc.) and RAW data transfer URL:https://www.m-pression.com/solutions/hardware-software/gige-vision-device-package

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