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By: IMAGO Technologies GmbH

Wherever image processing and automation meet, the Real-Time Communication Controller RTCC plays a big role. It controls trigger generator, LED Controller, digital I/Os and incremental encoder I/Os. Besides the VisionBox, the established vision computer concept, IMAGO produces this RTCC as VisionBoards, as well as in the form of the independent MachineVisionManager. Both can be used with common industrial PCs:

The VisionBoards provide the functionality of the Real-Time Communication Controller RTCC in the form of a PCIe board. Likewise, they provide the functionality of its periphery moduls: Trigger-over-Ethernet, Camera Link (Dual Base / Deca), LED Controller and I/Os.

The Machine Vision Manager is a compact box without heatsink with integrated Real-Time Communication Controller RTCC, LED Controller, trigger outputs (incl. Trigger-over-Ethernet), I/Os and RS-232 interfaces. It is connected to the existing IPC via USB 3.0, where it is also parameterized.

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