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INSPECT.assembly™ Automated Visual Inspection Station
Model Number: INSPECT.assembly

By: Radiant Vision Systems

Radiant’s INSPECT.assembly™ system is a turnkey inspection station that employs ProMetric® imaging systems with camera resolution (up to 43 megapixels) and dynamic range far exceeding the specifications of typical machine vision systems. Applied in photometric measurement of light and color in displays and backlit components, ProMetric cameras capture fine-detail images with a level of precision that rivals human visual acuity.

Because INSPECT.assembly is fully-integrated with Radiant camera, lighting, fixturing, and software, Radiant engineers are able to design each INSPECT.assembly to match the specifications of each customer application. This advanced vision technology solves critical inspection challenges through a combination of the image registration & analysis functions of the camera with proprietary machine vision “super tools” in INSPECT Software, which blend multiple machine vision software algorithms in a single tool to enable comprehensive analysis of specific features. For instance, a tool can be engineered with the unique algorithms required to locate the routing path of a cable to ensure that it is properly seated around guides on a board-based assembly.

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