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Neural Vision

By: Cyth Systems, Inc.

Neural Vision is an Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning software at the forefront of machine vision.

Traditional machine vision by nature is highly dependent on strictly controlled environments, rigid positional tolerances, and ultimately the skill of the vision programmer. It's up to the engineers to come up with every algorithm required to inspect a certain part. But what if they miss something? What if there are parameters they don't know matter? This has been a common struggle with tradition machine vision resulting in large amounts of time spent on testing & troubleshooting a wide array of possibilities.

Cyth Systems created Neural Vision to allow a person with no machine vision experience to inspect & classify products. Traditionally, machine vision systems worked by having an experienced programmer decide on a unique combination of analysis algorithms to inspect an image. Through Neural Vision an operator simply clicks items of interest and these same operations are applied in millions of combinations behind the scenes, looking for any recurring pattern or key measurements that identify a good or bad product. 

In this way, instead of having a customer rely entirely on a vision company's skills & expertise, the customer now has control of the inspection criteria. This gives them the unique ability to tune or design the vision inspection for their product. The customer now controls the "programming", deciding what product images get included into the models for learning, without actually having to program. "Programming" is now simply a point-and-click operation. 

The poster above displays the kind of path the customer will follow early in the development cycle. This process wasn't possible five years ago. Neural Vision is a "try before you buy" model that traditional machine vision isn't capable of because the amount of programming involved.

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