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New Frame Grabber-less Line Scan

By: Teledyne E2v

Teledyne e2v’s UNiiQA+ and ELiiXA+ colour line scan cameras are now be available with an NBASE-T™ Ethernet frame grabber-less interface. This will provide customers with a more cost effective solution to transmit uncompressed, high bandwidth images from the cameras into their systems at the highest possible speeds. The new cameras join the existing CameraLink (ELiiXA+ and UNiiQA+) and CoaXPress (ELiiXA+) models.

To maintain a competitive advantage, industry leaders in the machine vision market must continuously improve defect detection accuracy and reduce the cost of imaging. The availability of the new ELiiXA+ and UNiiQA+ cameras with an NBASE-T™ connection offers a solution to this challenge, providing:

  • High throughput - enabling high resolution and colour imaging without a frame grabber at speeds of up to 5 Gigabits per second (Gbps) over Category 5 standard cable and 10 Gbps over Category 6 cable
  • Easy integration - compatible with GigE Vision protocol, Category 5 standard cable (in 5Gbps)
  • Long-length (100 metres+), field terminable, inexpensive cabling - reducing costs and enabling easier integration in imaging systems compared with fibre optic cabling
  • Compatibility with existing 1GigE systems and solutions

    To introduce these new cameras, e2v has partnered with Pleora Technologies, the world’s leading supplier of high performance video interfaces. Pleora Technologies was the first company from the machine vision industry to join the NBASE-T™ Alliance, a consortium collaborating on new technologies that extends the bandwidth capabilities of twisted-pair copper cabling using standard Ethernet technology. e2v is now a member of this innovative consortium.

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