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Wine Bottle Vision Inspection System

By: Saber Engineering, Inc.

Stand-alone automated vision system that inspects and rejects the finish (neck area) of continuous moving wine bottles prior to being filled. The system is comprised of a Keyence XG-7000 image processor and a Keyence LumiTrax Hi-Speed Color Camera. An Opto Engineering Pericentric Lens and Ring Light are used to facilitate the optics. The system inspects for cracks and chips around the neck of the bottle as well as other gross defects. The system also verifies the correct bottle running on the line. When rejects are found a Custom Rejection System removes the bottle from the conveyance line and onto a Rejection Table. It is important that the Rejection System displaces the bottle from the line in an upright position for proper accumulation. User interface and control is comprised of a Rockwell Micro and LCD Display. A line encoder and sensors are used for tracking and triggering. Images may be viewed in real-time and failures are archived. A Lanner Industrial PC is used for archiving, networking and remote access for Plant Metrics. System is constructed of a welded stainless frame and sheet metal.

Primary Equipment:

Keyence XG-7000 Flexible Image Processing System, Keyence LumiTrax Vision System 470k Pix. Hi-Speed Color Camera, Opto Engineering Pericentric 116 mm Lens

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