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Eumax Servo Connectors

By: EUMAX Corp.

EUMAX is one of the leading industrial connector and cable assembly manufacturers from Taiwan. EUMAX offers a wide range of connectors for some of the most popular servo motor brands such as Mitsubishi, Yaskawa, Omron and etc. We have been working with distributors of the aforementioned brands worldwide for many years.


IP67 Protection for your motor, Reliable quality and cost saving, Short lead time to minimize downtime, ISO 9001 certified and RoHS compliant.

We have Connectors compatible with the following models: 1. Mitsubishi J4/JE series 2. Yaskawa S5/S7/series & Mechatrolink/EtherCat cable assembly 3. Panasonic MINAS A5 series 4. Omron G5 series 5. SANMOTION R series 6. Delta ASDA series 7. Fuji ALPHA5 Smart series 8. KEYENCE SV series 9. SANKYO S-FLAG series

Please feel free to contact us if you have any question, we will be glad to answer your question.

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