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Light Balancing Filters

By: Midwest Optical Systems, Inc.

Light Balancing Filters correct artificial lighting, so colors appear more natural. These filters balance color, preventing the need for additional software processing. This allows for greater image stability and control. Achieve accurate color images when using an artificial light source Increase contrast by correcting the emission spectrum of various light sources Exceptional surface quality: 40/20 scratch/dig

LA SERIES: Reduce blue shading (“warm” the scene) and commonly used with white LED and xenon strobe lighting.

LB SERIES: Subdue the reddish hue found with some tungsten, halogen, sodium and other light sources.

FL SERIES: Used to reduce the greenish cast created by fluorescent lighting.

MOUNT AND SIZE OPTIONS: Light Balancing Filters are in-stock and ready-to-ship, and are available in threaded mounts, sizes M13.25 to M105; slip mounts; or unmounted. Custom shapes and sizes are also available.

APPLICATIONS: Light Balancing Filters are commonly used in color applications (i.e. machine vision/factory automation, photography, and fluorescence imaging).

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