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Longpass Filters

By: Midwest Optical Systems, Inc.

Longpass Filters are often referred to as a “sharp-cut” filter and are specially designed to pass a broad spectrum of longer wavelength light while blocking shorter wavelengths.

Economical solution for isolating specific spectral regions Peak transmission =90% StablEDGE® design reduces angular dependency and minimizes short-shifting effects Anti-reflection coated for maximum transmission in VIS and NIR spectrums Can be used with Shortpass Filters for a custom, fine-tuned Bandpass Filter Double-side polished glass for exceptional parallelism and optical flatness Exceptional surface quality: 40/20 scratch/dig Available in wavelength ranges from 350 nm to 1500 nm MOUNT AND SIZE OPTIONS: In-stock, ready-to-ship Longpass Filters are available in threaded mounts, sizes M13.25 to M105; 25.4™ C-mount; slip mounts; or unmounted. Custom shapes and sizes are also available.

APPLICATIONS: Longpass Filters are often used in fluorescence applications to block an excitation light source or to pass multiple emission wavelengths, improving signal to noise ratio. Longpass Filters are also commonly used in photography and astronomy.

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