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COBRA MultiSpec Multispectral LED Line Light

By: ProPhotonix Limited

COBRA™ MultiSpec multispectral LED line light has been designed to deliver multispectral tunable illumination allowing you to optimize your image acquisition. With discrete control of up to twelve wavelengths you can maximize contrast by choosing the optimum colors and and vary the intensity at those wavelengths specific to your applications needs.

UV, Visible & IR wavelengths are available along with a wide range of optical options to ensure the optimum illumination for your application. COBRA MultiSpec is available in wavelengths from 365 – 1500nm and available in configurations from two to twelve wavelengths in a compact form factor.

COBRA MultiSpec offers users precise control of the light via Ethernet IP commands for optimal signal to noise ratio at each wavelength. To enable rapid data acquisition and analysis, multispectral strobe patterns with up to four optically independent strobe lines come as standard with a total delay and response time profile of less than 1 µs.

COBRA MultiSpec utilizes Chip-on-Board technology to ensure extreme brightness and excellent uniformity. As part of the COBRA Slim Series, COBRA MultiSpec also offers field adjustable optics allowing you to select the optimum lens position for your application. This multispectral LED line light is modular and is available in any length up to 5 meters.

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