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Four New Camera Models with Sony Sensors

By: IDS Imaging Development Systems, Inc.

The Sony IMX252 and the Sony IMX265 global shutter sensor of the PREGIUS series claim to be the best 3 MP CMOS image sensors on the industrial camera market. Therefore, IDS presents corresponding Full HD cameras for machine vision applications: UI-3070CP model (Sony IMX252) and UI-3270CP model (Sony IMX265), providing both a resolution of 3.2 MP (2056 x 1542 px). The UI-3070CP industrial camera accelerates to up to 134 fps at full resolution (Full HD with up to 187 fps). It allows 16x multi AOI and long-term exposure up to 30 seconds, for applications in the field of machine vision, medical engineering or microscopy. The UI-3270CP USB 3.0 industrial camera delivers up to 57 fps at full resolution (Full HD at up to 80 fps). It is particularly suitable for cost-oriented applications in the fields of mechanical engineering, machine vision and metrology. Both camera models will be available as color or monochrome version.

Already available: the new USB 3.0 industrial cameras with the Sony IMX178 and Sony IMX290 CMOS sensors of the STARVIS series. High light sensitivity and high resolution for high-resolution images: the USB 3.0 UI-3880CP industrial camera with the Sony IMX178 1/1.8" rolling shutter CMOS sensor offers 6.4 MP (3088 x 2076 px), which makes it perfect for visualization tasks in microscopy, and for cost-oriented options in traffic monitoring (ITS). In combination with our USB 3.0 industrial cameras, the Sony IMX178 sensor delivers frame rates of up to 60 fps at full resolution. The UI-3860CP model with its Sony IMX290 1/3" rolling shutter CMOS sensor is a good choice for cost-effective applications. It offers a resolution of 2.1 MP (1936 x 1096 px, Full HD 120 fps), and it aims at customers with high demands on image quality and speed. The above-average light-sensitive BSI sensors from the STARVIS series are particularly suitable for cost-oriented applications in the fields of mechanical engineering, machine vision, metrology, medical engineering.

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